System Monitoring Development Kit

With the CPUID System Monitoring DLL kit, a few minutes are enough for your application to be able to keep an eye on most PC systems health sensors: voltages, temperatures and fan speeds.

  • Read system's main voltages : CPU core voltage, RAM voltage, 3.3V, +5V, +12V, and others.

  • Track hot spots temperatures, including modern processor's internal core temperature sensors.
  • Follow fans rotation speed in real time.

Supported Hardwares

CPUs on-die temperature sensors
  • Intel® Core™, Core™ 2, Core™ i3/i5/i7 Digital Thermal Sensor.
  • AMD® Athlon™ 64 Thermal Sensor.
  • AMD® Phenom™ and Phenom™ II Thermal Sensor.
  • AMD® FX™ Thermal Sensor.

On-board sensor ICs
  • Winbond® W83781D, W83793, W83627HF, W83697HF, W83791D, W83627THF, W83627EHF, W83627DHG.
  • Nuvoton® W83795G, NCT6776, NCT7802.
  • ITE® IT8705, IT8712, IT8716, IT8718, IT8720, IT8721, IT8771, IT8772.
  • Fintek® F71805, F71808E, F71862, F71869, F71872, F71882, F71889, F81865.
  • Asus® AS99127, ASB100.
  • SMSC® LPC47M192, EMC6D102, EMC6D103, EMC6W201, DME1737.
  • Analog Device® ADM1021, ADM1030, AMD1031, ADT7461, ADT7475, ADT7490, ASP0800, ADP3228.
  • National Semiconductor® LM63, PC87366.
  • Andigilog® ASC7621.
  • Maxim® MAX1617.

Customized hardware monitors
  • Abit® uGuru 2003 and uGuru 2005.
  • AMD® SB600/SB700 PM2.
  • Asus® EPU & EPU2 (Energy Processing Unit).
  • Asus® ROG mainboards series.
  • Gigabyte® ODIN™ power supplies monitoring.
  • Intel® Management Engine (HECI).
  • VIA® 686A/B integrated monitoring.
  • NVIDIA® ESA (Enthusiast System Architecture).

Customized hardware monitors
  • Battery voltage, capacity, wear and charge levels.
  • Apple® MacBook™ and MacBook Pro™. IBM® Thinkpad™ series.
  • Dell® Latitude™ D400, D600, D830.
  • Compal® JHL90/91, IFL90/91.

Hard drive (SMART)
  • Assembly, airflow and HDD temperature.

Video card monitoring
  • GPU temperature.

ACPI monitoring
  • Thermal zones temperature.

Memory monitoring
  • DIMM modules with integrated thermal sensor.

The voltage and temperature gauges are part of the A fast and performing gauge for .NET 2.0, courtesy of Andreas J. Bauer.


The System Information Development Kit is provided as a Windows dynamic-linked library (dll) and a set of interfaces for the following programming languages:

  • Microsoft® Visual Basic™ (.NET)
  • Microsoft® Visual C#™ (.NET)
  • Microsoft® Visual C++™

Licensing & Pricing

Please check out our licenses and pricing table for a complete description of our offer and our updates policies, and ask for an 20-days evaluation version.

Please consult the Commercial Use License Agreement for the complete licensing conditions.

Download & Evaluate

Evaluate the System Monitoring SDK through HWMonitor, the CPUID Hardware Monitor application sample.

Click here to download your copy.